I am


A molecular genetics and computational biology researcher with over six years of post-Ph.D. experience and currently working as an assistant project scientist at the University of California - Davis, USA

What I do

Molecular Genetics

I genotype large populations using next-gen sequencing, phenotype them using high-throughput phenotyping, and apply statistical modelling, machine and deep learning for the identification of causative mutations and candidate genes involved in differential phenotype expression

Computational Biology

I write genomic and phenotype data analysis pipelines in BASH and Snakemake. I also build software packages, web-applications, and databases to process and visualize big omics data

Statistical Modelling

I do significance testing, build custom classical and bayesian statistical models to treat the influence random effects and associate genetic variation, gene expression and phenotype expression

Machine/Deep Learning

I use machine learning models for classification and regression. I build custom deep learning models for object detection, image segmentation, and instance segmentation for high-throughput phenotyping

High-throughput Phenotyping

I build classical statistical models and deep-learning models to extract phenotype data from large-scale image data

Software Development

I build software packages, web-apps, and databases for high-throughput data processing and visualization.

Education and Experience

Under Graduation in Plant Biology and Biotechnology
Bharathiar University, India
Graduated in 2008
Post Graduation in Biotechnology
Bharathiar University/ICRISAT, India
Graduated in 2010
Ph.D. in Biotechnology (specialization in Molecular Genetics and Computational Biology)
Mysore University, India
Graduated in 2014
Postdoctoral Research
University of California - Davis, USA
From 2014 to 2019
Assistant Project Scientist
University of California - Davis, USA
since 2019

Programming Skills









C & C++



Molecular Biology

  • Thorough understanding of genetics and molecular biology
  • Experience in nucleic acid isolation from wide variety of species
  • PCR, q-PCR, RT-PCR, etc.
  • Sanger sequencing
  • NGS library preparation
  • Genotyping-by-Sequencing and RNA-Seq library preparation
  • BAC cloning and sequencing
  • Breeding population development in plants
  • Genetic and Physical mapping


  • Experience in NGS data processing including genome assembly, annotation, read mapping, variant calling, and comparative genomics
  • Excellent understanding and experience in writing custom parsers to process genomics data structures including FASTA, FASTQ, BAM, SAM, VCF, HapMap, etc.
  • Experience in processing RNA-Seq data for DGE and Pathway analysis
  • Proficient in writing custom pipelines in BASH and snakemake


  • Proficient in Python with over 8 years of working experience
  • Proficient in scientific computing packages including Jupyter, NumPy, Pandas, Keras, Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, OpenCV, etc.
  • Experience in data visualization packages including Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, etc.
  • Experience in bioinformatics packages including biopython, pysam, scikit-allel, etc.
  • Experience in web development, web scrapping, text and image processing using Python


  • Good working knowledge in R with over 9 years of experience
  • Have good understanding of classical and bayesian statistics, significance testing, data transformation and modelling (using Lme4)
  • Proficient in data visualization in R
  • Experience in variety of bioconductor packages
  • Experience in building dashboards and apps using Shiny


  • Proficient in Javascript with over 6 years of working experience
  • Using Javascript for building web applications and data visualization
  • Good in Vue Js, Angular Js (1.x only), Node Js, etc.
  • Experience in building custom data visualization using d3js
  • Experience in building browser based deep learning applications using Tensorflow Js

Data visualization

  • Experience in building custom data visualization applications using d3js and Python
  • Experience in writing data transformation animations
  • Good in 3D object modelling and building key frame animations in Blender
  • Good understanding of SVG elements

Web Development

  • Good in building static websites, web applications, and web databases
  • Proficient in Flask
  • Good in writing single page applications
  • Experience in building serverless scalable applications on GCP and AWS
  • Good in writing microservices
  • Experience in SQL and no-SQL databases
  • Experience in Firebase

Computer Vision

  • Excellent understanding of image data structures
  • Experience in OpenCV, PIL, Keras, Tensorflow, Scikit-Image, etc.
  • Good in building deep learning models for object detection, image classification, and image segmentation
  • Experience in writing web applications for image processing

Cloud & Parallel Computing

  • Experience in writing parallel computing applications in Python
  • Experience in building and managing vm instances, cloud functions, realtime databases, storage buckets, app engines, etc. in both GCP and AWS


  • Experience in building and using Docker and Singularity containers

My research in numbers


Peer reviewed Publications




In preparation / communication


Software developed


Genes cloned / mutations identified


Algorithms developed